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million dollar idea for a men’s hygiene product: shower helmets for when you see yourself reflected on the shower glass and try to headbutt the naked male encroaching on your territory

This would have saved my father’s life.
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Self-control. via


Self-control. via

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You fuckin’ sociopath.

You fuckin’ sociopath.

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In honor of Batman Day, here are a few silly Dark Knight comics I drew in 2012.

Happy Batman day, ya’ll. Here’s my RDHW Dark Knight Rises comic strip trilogy from 2012.

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I’m sure the security camera footage of this huge fucking bug scaring the shit out of me as I was mopping is pure gold.

I managed to put a cup over it but I was too scared to do anything past that so I just mopped around it and I’m gonna make one of the doctors deal with it tomorrow morning. I don’t get paid enough to get deal with mutant bugs.

MotherFUCKER there was one of these HELLBASTARDS in my tent in Zimbabwe one night and I got NO sleep. Only had a wind-up torch as well so my shaking hands made the shadows look like it had 12 massive twitching legs.

Turns out it’s just a cricket.

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Frozach Submitted

Fucking died at “Coral”

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this is the most romantic thing i’ve seen all day

Wherefore art thou, Romeow?

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We go forward.


Owl Turd Comix by Shenanigansen [website | twitter | facebook]

Oh shit, right in the feels.

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Always be boopin’.

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